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LymeX Health+ Human-Centered Design Report

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HHS recently published a LymeX Health+ Human-Centered Design Report! This report applies the Health+ model for patient-powered Innovations. Read the report HERE and read more by visiting our blog. The report combines interviews, workshops and a collective 698 hours of discovery listening and learning from you. 

Tell us about your experience! Which parts of the report resonate with you the most? We invite you to record a 60 second video sharing your thoughts. To record a video, simply click 'Share Here' and record a video. We can't wait to hear your thoughts!



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Hope as a patient and a public health professional

Health plus Lyme disease human centered design report gives me hope this report accurately describes the pain points of the line patient journey My experience and the experience of the line patients that I know and work with is accurately reflected and validated by this report I've read every word of this report five times and counting This report lays the foundation necessary to accelerate innovation that will improve the quality of life for Lyme disease patients There are three...

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