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Ask About the LymeX Education and Awareness Healthathon

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Our LymeX team is hosting a LymeX Education and Awareness Healthathon Challenge on to encourage and reward the creation of educational materials (e.g., social media content, education or training videos, graphics, or posters)

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May we use drawings of children or pictures of children in our materials as long as it is approved by a parent or guardian?

Question: The rules state that that the submission must not depict any minor. May we use images or drawings of children as long as it is approved by a parent or guardian? Answer: Yes, the intent of this rule was to not depict any minor without parental or guardian consent nor to expose personally identifiable information. As long as it is documented that consent from a parent or guardian was granted, then you may use drawings or images of children. Thank you!

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May utilize Creative Commons licensed materials as long as we cite the source?

Question:  I know the criteria suggest not using images that are not our own, but I have been using Creative Commons licensed material as well as free stock images provided by the graphic design software I have been working with. I am citing each of the authors and photographers in the format that they recommended (as well as the sites I've been using for data). I was wondering if this would be an acceptable way of using images for the contest? Answer:  Yes, using CC-licensed...

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Lymex Phases and the Education and Awareness Healthathon

1) In the April 12th Blog post on the HHS website amnouncing LymeX, a "unique technical solution" is mentioned as part of the education and awareness healthathon. But I don't see any mention of a technical solution on the challenge page. . Can you clarify?  2) What is the link between phase 2 and phase 3 of the LymeX Innovation Accelerator? Will the...

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