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Reform the Medical System

Require full disclosure to patients about tick diseases such as Lyme and thorough Lyme testing before mental illness diagnoses are applied. Require enforcement of the Rico Act and other laws forbidding the sharing of mental disorder diagnostics to employers or others without consent, meaning felony charges will be made and restitution made to victims without applying statutes of limitations where victims were not informed or too impaired to fight back. Make public the common practice of deliberately evading proper diagnostics in order to profit from mental disorder treatments and publicize the matter of such fraud having been unimpeded and extensive in the diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease.  

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Al Foos Apr 28, 2021

Sorry, failed to mention the most critically important matter. The public should KNOW exactly what proportion of Lyme "patients" have maxillary sinus thickening from the disease, because it is rather obvious that this is the key symptom deliberately evaded by medical providers. Failure to properly address this symptom and provide further testing for Lyme should be a criminal offense that is enforced. Additionally, the frequency of all known symptoms of Lyme disease should also be made available publicly so that both doctors and victims can quantify how well their cases fit the profile of Lyme disease. Thank you.

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