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Patient driven Integrative treatment survey for Lyme Disease

Texas Lyme Alliance is conducting a treatment survey to study what is working for Lyme patients to help fill gaps in research.  There are very few clinical trials in Lyme treatments and a handful patient driven surveys reporting on treatments. This survey has formal IRB approval and is in collaboration with 3 medical universities.  It is patient driven research that's got a broad scope covering pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, homeopathy, low dose immunotherapy and others.  Please share it in your networks and with patients.

The survey considers children when filled out by their guardian.  I shared a graphic (not my own) that is rationale for why this research is so critical.  There has been ONE study on treatments for Lyme by our government.  Tax payers funding the studies deserve to get treatments that work for persistent Lyme.

edited on 30th April 2021, 13:04 by Kristina Bauer
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Kristina Bauer Apr 30, 2021

Good morning! If you have questions, please feel free to ask.

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