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Virtual caregiver and patient resources

by Alex Wilson | Apr 22, 2021 | in Patient-Driven Innovation

These help people with Lyme disease and other illnesses in some cases by helping them track their symptoms, improving access to practitioners who specialize in Lyme disease, or providing virtual caregiver functions.

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Lynne Bemis Apr 23, 2021

I would like to hear more about how the virtual caregiver works.

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Samantha Heinrich 11 months ago

Virtual caregivers would provide much needed support and independence for patients with Lyme disease and their caregivers. Unfortunately, virtual caregiver options are generally very cost prohibitive.

However, in one instance, I came across a press release of a small pilot called "comfort keepers" where low cost home health care robots were developed. This model is one that should be considered for patients with Lyme disease who have severe symptoms and require/would otherwise require home health care.

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