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Clinical resources

by Alex Wilson | Apr 22, 2021 | in Patient-Driven Innovation

These help educate physicians and other healthcare providers about Lyme disease, for example, by making new research easily accessible or drawing attention to issues such as the potential mental health impact of Lyme disease.

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Anne Kupillas Apr 28, 2021

We desperately need a new educational campaign for EVERY doctor’s office, general practitioners and specialists, every ER, every hospital waiting room, school nurse’s office , etc
A poster that clearly shows the most common symptoms of both acute and chronic Lyme, explains about the “typical” and atypical erythema migrans, and how to recognize the signs of Lyme Disease.

It’s a travesty how many doctors miss Lyme. I myself had all the classic symptoms and they were missed by 14 doctors, including infectious disease specialists anc neurologists, Mayo Clinic specialists and more.

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